Reminder To Employees Of Our Safety Policies
All employees have signed a verification of receipt of our EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK at time of job offer ANY employee wanting additional copies may contact our offices.

CCS creates a “Safety Partnership” with its clients to provide our employees with the safest workplace possible. Employees have a responsibility to work safely and listed below are some basic procedures that employees must follow in order to prevent all work-related injuries or illnesses:

  • Never perform a task unless you are trained and are aware of the hazards associated with that task.

  • Always perform your assigned task in a safe and proper manner – do not take shortcuts. Call CCS if the work you are doing differs from the assignment described to you.

  • Obey all safety related signs and instructions, both written and verbal and never remove or by-pass safety devices.

  • Be Alert to hazards that could affect you and fellow employees.

  • Report any observed unsafe condition to your workplace supervisor immediately. If they do not correct the condition, contact your CCS supervisor.

  • Do not leave your job site before reporting an injury. Ask your supervisor to contact your CCS supervisor immediately. FAILURE TO REPORT INJURIES IMMEDIATELY MAY RESULT IN TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT. You will be asked to complete forms regarding the injury. It is against the law to lie about an injury or make a false report in order to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. The punishment for this crime can be up to five (5) years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

  • Learn where all safety related equipment is located (i.e. fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, safety showers, emergency exits, etc.)

  • Maintain a general condition of good housekeeping in your work areas at all times.

  • Wear the appropriate clothing/footwear and safety equipment (safety glasses, earplugs, etc.) at all times. If these are not known ask your immediate supervisor or your CCS supervisor.

CCS has established a zero-tolerance standard for any type of harassment in the workplace. As an equal opportunity employer, CCS is committed to providing all employees with a workplace free of harassment.

All employees must avoid any action, conduct or behaviour that any person may view as sexual harassment or harassment.

Workplace Violence
CCS is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for all. CCS does not tolerate any type of workplace violence committed by or against employees.

Substance Abuse
It is the purpose of CCS to help provide a drug-free environment for our clients and employees.

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