Step 1- Find a Job
Look through our available job postings. Find a position you are interested in where you meet the minimum hiring requirements.

Step 2- Apply
If you have registered with CCS and created an electronic profile, you can go straight to your profile and submit an application. If you have not created an electronic profile with CCS please do. You can do this from the create a profile tab on our career opportunity page or inside a job listing you can link to “create a profile” and after creating your profile you can link it to the job listing. Once you have created a profile you can submit your application for open positions. 

NOTICE: Some job postings listed on our site will redirect you to our customer’s company website where you will need to apply for the job you are interested in directly.

Step 3- Finish and Thank You
If you have submitted you application correctly for a position you will see a “Thank You for Applying” screen.

Step 4- Next Possible Steps
Not all hiring processes are the same. some companies may require testing as the next step in their hiring process. Previous testers may or may not have to retest. Meeting minimum qualifications for a position does not guarantee an applicant will be invited to test. There may be several additional steps in a hiring process. For example, interviews, physical agility testing, additional testing assessments, work demonstrations, and company plant tours.

Important Guidelines for Finding a Job

In order to make your job search as quick and efficient as possible, please follow these important guidelines.

  • Read job postings very carefully on how and when to apply. To be given consideration for a position you must meet the minimum hiring requirements listed in the job posting. These requirements must be reflected on your resume. Submit your resume according to the directions in the job posting and before the deadline. Applying earlier rather than later can sometimes be an advantage.

  • Network with friends, family, neighbors, schools and in your community to hear about new job openings. Not all jobs are listed on job boards or in newspapers. Your job search should include a variety of sources and you should check for postings on a weekly basis to discover any new listings.

  • Don’t limit yourself. Be willing to relocate for a new job opportunity. Most company websites list job postings for multiple locations.

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